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New Products

GY6 150cc 11 Pole, 6 Pin Regulator

This 6 Pin Regulator for 150cc and 125cc GY6 engines is needed if you upgrade your 6 or 8 coil stator to an 11 coil stator. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - 12 Volt Regulator - Plug Style: 2 Plugs, 3-pin female & 3-pin female - Wire Length: 6 inches - Bolt Hole Spacing: 66mm - Supports GY6 QMI/QMJ 152/157, Various unlisted makes/models

Price: $23.99
Ban Jing Performance Microchip CDI/Coil

Ban Jing High Performance Microchip Programmed CDI/Coil for use on 50cc-500cc, 4-stroke Scooters. Ignite your vehicle's true performance potential! This High Performance CDI/Coil gives stronger ignition/firing, a more complete combustion burn (more power, better fuel mileage and reduced emissions), quick acceleration and increased horsepower! Installation is Easy: Connect red wire to 12 volt switched source (DC) Connect black wire to ground Connect blue wire to the signal pulse of the stator (alternator) CDI body can be easily mounted to the frame ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - Stronger Ignition/Firing - More Complete Combustion Burn (more power, better fuel mileage & reduced emissions) - Quick Acceleration - Increased Horsepower - Supports Various unlisted makes/models

Price: $151.99
Universal Parts CDI Unit, AC

Universal Parts CDI Unit with Alternating Current for 150cc 125cc and 50cc GY6 and QMB based engines. Please see our Warranty & Returns Policy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - 2 Connectors with a 2/4 split - Capacitive Discharge Ignition - Length: 65mm - Width: 37mm - Height (not including plug): 23mm - AC - Alternating Current - Supports Baja, JM Star Tomahawk II, Qingqi, Redcat, Roketa, Tank, Various unlisted makes/models, Vento, X-Treme

Price: $9.99
E-Ton Beamer CDI Unit

CDI for 50cc, 2-stroke E-Ton Beamer scooters. Please see our Warranty & Returns Policy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - 6-Pin CDI: 4 -pin/2-pin male plug - Length: 94mm - Width: 55mm - Height: 23.5mm - Supports Eton, Various unlisted makes/models

Price: $28.99
Linhai 260 Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil for Linhai 250/260/300cc engines commonly found in Street Scooters and ATVs. Please see our Warranty & Returns Policy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - Wire Length Including Cap: 17.5 Inches - Overall Length: 20.5 Inches - Bolt Hole Spacing: 80mm - Supports Linhai 260, Various unlisted makes/models, VOG 260

Price: $12.99
SSP-G High Tension Ignition Coil - Without Cap

SSP-G high tension performance ignition coil without spark plug cap for 50cc QMB139 and 150cc/125cc GY6 engine based scooters and vehicles. The special tight coil design for current resistance increases the firing speed. ***Please note: This coil wire does not come with a spark plug cap. Please see related items for screw on plug caps.*** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - Overall Length: 16.75 inches - Wire Length: 14 inches - Increases Spark by 5-15% - Supports GY6 QMI/QMJ 152/157, Most Makes/ Models, QMB139 50cc/49cc

Price: $28.99
Minarelli Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil for 50cc 2-stroke Minarelli 1PE40QMB Jog engines ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - Overall Length: 20 inches - Bolt Hole Spacing: 55mm (slotted) - Supports Various unlisted makes/models

Price: $19.49
Wire Protector Clamp for 750 Watt Electric Motor

Wire Protector Clamp for the 750w rear wheel hub motor ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Supports Panterra Freedom Electric, Panterra Fusion Electric, Panterra Retro Electric, Roketa, SUNL, Various unlisted makes/models, X-Treme

Price: $1.99
48V-60V Universal Controller

48-60 Volt, 1000 Watt speed/voltage Universal Controller for electric scooters, karts, mopeds full-size electric scooters and electric bikes. Compatible with many 48-60 Volt vehicles coming with 1,000 Watt motors ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - 48-60 Volt - 30A - 1,000 Watts - 3-Pin Plug: Throttle - Large Red/Yellow & Green Wire Combo Connects to Motor - Large Red/Black Wire Combo Connects to Power - Supports Various unlisted makes/models

Price: $54.99
48v Charger Adaptor

Adaptor to reverse polarity on 48v charging systems with the 3-port house plug. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - Overall Length: 12.5 inches - Plug Style: 3 Spade Male / 3 Spade Female - Supports Panterra Freedom Electric, Panterra Fusion Electric, Panterra Retro Electric, Various unlisted makes/models

Price: $9.99