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New Products

StreetFX Electrical Noise Filter

StreetFX Electrical Noise Filter used to remedy high flash rate of Brake Pods by filtering out excess noise. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - For Use With StreetFX Brake Pods (see Related Items) - Supports Most Makes/ Mod

Price: $8.99
StreetFX Compact LED Load Resistor

StreetFX Compact LED Load Resistor can be used to correct flash and other problems associated with running LED bulbs in your vehicle. For intermittent use only, such as turn signals. For case order quantity 6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - Two Pack - Use With Signal to Correct High Flash Rate in LEDs - Compact Design Includes Splice Tabs For Easy Installation - Supports Most Makes/ Models

Price: $17.49
StreetFX ElectroPods Sound FX Module

Flash your accessory lights to the roar of your motorcycle or scooter with the StreetFX ElectroPods Sound-FX Sound Reactor. The Sound-FX Module easily wires into your battery. You can connect any ElectroPod product to the Sound-FX module using the wiring clips. The spring loaded "speaker like" terminals allow you to plug pod wires into the Sound-FX module. For best results mount the Sound-FX module near your exhaust. For case order quantity 6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - Connects Up To 2 Pods to a Single Sound Reactive Power Switch - Lights Pulse Faster as Engine Increases - Rev the Throttle For a Light Show That Will Turn Heads! - Easily Wires Into Your Battery - May Work With Other 12 Volt Light Products - Connect Any ElectroPod Product To The Module - Includes Installation Instructions, Rocker Switch (sound reactive, off & constant on settings), Spring Loaded "Speaker Like" Terminals, In-Line Fuse, Power LED & Two-Sided Foam Tape for Mounting - SUpports Most Makes/ Models

Price: $23.99
StreetFX Special Effects Light Control Module

StreetFX Special Effects Light Control Module controls the flash rate and brightness of your StreetFX accent lighting! It is easy to install, just simply plug and play. For case order quantity 6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - Control Flash Speed & Brightness of Your StreetFX Products - Works With All 12 Volt StreetFX Products (May Work With Other 12 Volt Light Products) - Controls Up To 6 of Your StreetFX Lighting Accessories - Easily Wires To Your Vehicle's Fuse Box - Includes Installation Instructions - Supports Most Makes/ Models

Price: $16.99
7A Reset Switch for Razor

7A Reset Button for the following Razor models: E100, V8+ E125, V8+ E150, V1+ E175, V19+ E Spark, V1+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - 7A - 125/250V AC - 50/60 Hz - 12/24/32V DC - Supports Razor E100, Razor E125, Razor E150, Razor E175

Price: $4.99
20A Reset Switch for Razor

20A Reset Button for the following Razor models: E200, V13+ E300, V10-V11, V13+ Pocket Rocket, V1+ Ground Force Go-Kart, V1+ Mini Chopper, V1+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - 20A - 32V - DC - Supports Razor E200, Razor E200S, Razor E225S, Razor E300, Razor E300S, Razor E325, Razor Ground Force Go Kart, Razor Pocket Rocket (PR200)

Price: $4.99
24V Horn

Univeral horn for 24v systems. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - 2 Pin Plug - 24 Volt Horn - Outer Diameter: 67mm - Bolt Hole Inner Diameter: 8mm - Supports Various unlisted makes/models

Price: $7.99
ZNEN 150T-F Choke Controller

Choke Controller for the ZNEN 150T-F Scooter Models previous to 2007. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - Plug Style: 4-pin, Male - Bolt Hole Diameter: 6mm - Dimensions (excluding plug & mounting tab): 35mm x 25mm x 25mm - Supports BMS Premier 150, Flyscooters La-Vie 150, Lance Milan 150, ZNEN 150T-F

Price: $9.99
Headlight Bulb Socket

3-Pin Headlight Bulb Socket for 50cc QMB139 Sunny Style Scooters. Fits the following models and many more: Tank Urban 50 Roketa Maui MC-08-50 Sunl SL50QT-7 Sporty Dazon Diamondback TaoTao CY50-T3, TaoTao Funny 50, TaoTao Speedy 50 Lance GTR 50 Baja SC50 Jonway Beta 50 JMstar Breeze Longbo LB50QT-6 Moto Fino MF50QT Gator Imports Eagle 49cc Excaliber Vanguard 50 Jonway QT-6 scooter Baccio SPD 50cc Baotian BTM-BT49QT SunL SL50QT-7 Znen Sun 50 ZN50QT-7 Zongshen ZS50QT-4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SpecS: - 3-pin connection - For use with BA20 bulbs - Supports Baja SC50, Jonway Beta 50, YY50 QT-6, Roketa Maui MC-08-50, Sunl SL50QT-7 Sporty, Tank Urban 50, TaoTao ATM 50, Speedy 50, CY50-T3, Funny 50, Various unlisted makes/models

Price: $4.99
LED Turn Signal Relay

12 Volt, 3-Pin LED Turn Signal Relay used to solve LED turn signal related problems such as rapid flashing, not flashing or burning out bulbs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: - 12 Volt - 3-Prong - Supports Various unlisted makes/models

Price: $8.99