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Xtreme fuel treatment

Xtreme fuel treatment

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it comes with 2 oz fuel treatment plastic bottle.

Xtreme Fuel Treatment is a unique blend of oil soluble organo-metallics that result in better overall performance of your combustion engine.

When added to gasoline or diesel fuel, Xtreme
Fuel Treatment results in increases in MPG and available horsepower, reductions in carbon build-up and carbon related maintenance problems, and reductions in harmful emissions and
pollutants sent into the environment through the use of fossil fuels.

Xtreme Fuel Treatmentâ„¢ contains an advanced burn-rate modifier and combustion surface
modifier catalyst, which, when combined with gasoline or diesel fuel,
(1) increases the rate of the
combustion reaction
(2) changes the molecular surface structure of the fuel to achieve a more

Additional benefits of using Xtreme Fuel Treatment include reduced cold and acid corrosion, reduced high temperature corrosion and more. The highly concentrated blend of ingredients in Xtreme Fuel Treatment (1/4 ounce treats up to 20
gallons of fuel) eliminates the need for multiple products that are intended to treat just one symptom. Regular use of Xtreme Fuel Treatment will allow for optimum results in engine performance when combined with regular and scheduled maintenance of any combustion engine.