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Air Cleaners, Intakes & Parts

Parts for air cleaning, intakes, and other parts.
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#4 Hose Clamp 70mm-89mm

70mm-89mm #4 Air Filter Hose Clamp for ...

33/36cc 2-Stroke Air Filter

Stock air filter for 33/36cc 2-stroke e...

 Sold Out 
4-stroke After-Market Air Filter

After-Market Air Filter with a Chrome f...

47cc Aluminum Intake Manifold

Aluminum Intake Manifold for 47cc reed ...

Air Filter Foam

Air Filter Foam for 50cc 2-stroke 1DE41...

GY6 Intake Manifold Clamp

Intake Manifold Clamp for 125/150cc GY6...

GY6 Stock Air Filter - 66.5mm Height

Stock Round Air Filter with 66.5mm over...

GY6 Stock Round Air Filter- 75mm Height

Stock Round Shaped Air Filter with 75mm...

GY6B Intake Manifold

Intake Manifold with 2 Vacuum Points fo...

Hoca 46mm Velocity Stack, Type-2

Hoca Performance Velocity Stack, Type-2...

Hoca 50mm Velocity Stack, Type-1

Hoca Performance Velocity Stack Type-1 ...

 Sold Out 
Hoca Power Jet, PWK

Hoca Power Jet for the Hoca High Perfor...


New Products For January - Air & Fuel

Uni Filter "Clamp-On" Breathers

Uni Filter Female "Clamp-On" Type Breat...

Uni Filter "Push-In" Breathers

Uni Filter Male "Push-In" Type Breather...

Uni UFF-100 Foam Filter Oil

UNI 5½ oz. Aero Oil **Note: This pro...

Uni UFF-16 Foam Filter Oil

UNI Foam Filter Oil (16 oz. liquid) all...

Uni UFC-300 Foam Air Filter Cleaner

Uni Air Filter Cleaner is made for all ...

VOG 260 CVT Air Filter

CVT Air Filter for VOG 260 BN169MM Engi...