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X1/X2 Pocket Bike Parts

X1 and X2 bikes will come with either a 43cc or 49cc engine. APC bikes will generally have a 43cc. Branded X1 and X2s will have 49cc engines. X2 bikes will have a CVT transmission.

New Products For January - X1/X2 Pocket Bike Parts

33-49cc Starter Pawl Cup

33-49cc, 2-stroke starter pawl cup. Sim...

12mm 2-stroke Carburetor

12mm Carburetor for 2-stroke engines fo...

49cc 2-stroke Cylinder

Cylinder for the most popular style 49c...

49cc 2-Stroke Piston Ring Set

Piston ring set for the mini 2-stroke 4...

43/47cc Piston Ring Set

Set of Rings for 43/47cc Piston Outer D...

2-stroke 49cc Gasket Set

Complete gasket set for 2-stroke 49cc e...