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Engine, control and performance parts for 47cc and 49cc 2-stroke Pocket Quads.
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47cc Aluminum Intake Manifold

Aluminum Intake Manifold for 47cc reed ...

47cc and 49cc 2-Stroke Performance Cylinder Kit

Complete 44mm Cylinder Kit for the 47cc...

47cc Clutch Shoes w/ Keyed Slot Type-2

Clutch Shoes w/ Keyed Slot for 47/49cc ...

47cc Cylinder

Cylinder for 47cc, 2-stroke engines com...

47cc Gasket Set

Gasket set for the 47cc 2-stroke reed i...

47cc Metal Jacket Pullstarter

Full Metal Jacket Pullstarter for 47cc ...

47cc Pocket Bike Engine

47cc 2-Stroke Engine used on small Pock...

47cc Pocket Bike Velocity Stack

47cc Pocket bike velocity stack for ree...

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47cc/49cc Mini-2-stroke Carburetor

Carburetor for 47cc/49cc Mini-2-stroke,...

49cc 2-stroke Piston Kit

Piston Kit for 49cc mini 2-stroke engin...

6 Tooth Sprocket

6 Tooth Front Sprocket Type-3 for 47cc ...

6202-ZZ Bearing

6202-ZZ bearing used in 47/49cc pocket ...


New Products For July - POCKET QUAD PARTS

#25H, 70 Link Chain

Pre-made chain for 47/49cc Pocket bikes...

6202-ZZ Bearing

6202-ZZ bearing used in 47/49cc pocket ...

18" Throttle cable

Throttle cable with an 18" sleeve, angl...

30" Throttle Cable

Throttle cable, 30" sleeve with angle m...

35" Throttle Cable

Throttle cable, 35" sleeve with angle m...

40" Throttle Cable

Throttle cable with a 40" sleeve, angle...