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Engine, control and performance parts for 47cc and 49cc 2-stroke Pocket Quads.
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47cc Aluminum Intake Manifold

Aluminum Intake Manifold for 47cc reed ...

47cc and 49cc 2-Stroke Performance Cylinder Kit

Complete 44mm Cylinder Kit for the 47cc...

47cc Clutch Shoes w/ Keyed Slot Type-2

Clutch Shoes w/ Keyed Slot for 47/49cc ...

47cc Cylinder

Cylinder for 47cc, 2-stroke engines com...

47cc Gasket Set

Gasket set for the 47cc 2-stroke reed i...

47cc Metal Jacket Pullstarter

Full Metal Jacket Pullstarter for 47cc ...

47cc Pocket Bike Engine

47cc 2-Stroke Engine used on small Pock...

47cc Pocket Bike Velocity Stack

47cc Pocket bike velocity stack for ree...

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47cc/49cc Mini-2-stroke Carburetor

Carburetor for 47cc/49cc Mini-2-stroke,...

49cc 2-stroke Piston Kit

Piston Kit for 49cc mini 2-stroke engin...

6 Tooth Sprocket

6 Tooth Front Sprocket Type-3 for 47cc ...

6202-ZZ Bearing

6202-ZZ bearing used in 47/49cc pocket ...


New Products For November - POCKET QUAD PARTS

Pocket Bike Exhaust Gasket

Exhaust Gasket, for 47cc Pocket bike. G...

47cc Cylinder

Cylinder for 47cc, 2-stroke engines com...

Intake Manifold

Intake Manifold for 47/49cc reed induct...

Reed Valve

Reed valve for 47/49cc, 2-stroke engine...

Pocket Bike Transmission Type-1

Gearbox Transmission Type-1 for 47cc an...

Pocket Bike Transmission Type-2

Gearbox Transmission Type-2 for 47cc an...