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xScooter Thunder XC1000ATX Parts

We are a world wide specialist in scooter parts and accessories. xScooter vehicles use common parts and they all can be found on our website. As specialist, we also sell performance parts for these scooters, we can increase the power of your ride without compromising safety.
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12v Battery Charger

12 V charger with round 3-prong, female...

33-49cc Starter Pawl

Starter pawl with spring and e-clip. Fi...

33-49cc Starter Pawl Cup

Starter Pawl Cup Type-3 for 33cc to 49c...

33-49cc Starter Pawl Cup, Type-1

33-49cc starter pawl cup. This is the p...

33cc to 49cc 2-stroke Pullstarter

This is the most popular Pullstarter us...

 Sold Out 
33cc to 49cc Pullstarter Cover

33cc to 49cc 2-stroke chrome pullstarte...

43/47cc Piston

Piston for 43c and 47cc engines. Outer ...

43/49cc 2-stroke Air Filter

Stock air filter for 43/49cc 2-stroke e...

43/49cc Stock Muffler

43/49cc mini-gas scooter muffler, side ...

43cc and 49cc 2-stroke Carburetor

Carburetor used on 43cc and 49cc scoote...

49cc Engine with Electric Start

49cc, 2-stroke engine with electric sta...

55 Tooth Sprocket

5 Tooth sprocket for some gas and elect...


New Products For October - Parts for Electric & Gas Scooters

Front Wheel Assembly

Front wheel assembly for Tornado. Inclu...

Shock Absorber

Mini-gas scooter, chopper and pocket bi...

Free Wheel Hub

Most common free wheel hub/wheel hub be...

Kenda Brand 4.10-3.50x4 Innertube

4.10/3.50x4 Innertube, with bent angle ...

Kenda K352 4.10/3.50-4 Tire

Kenda Brand Tire size 4.10/3.50-4 with ...

Kenda K304A 4.10/3.50-4 Tire

Kenda Brand Tire size 4.10/3.50-4 with ...